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New Site Coming Soon (like in a few days)

Appticity has been an 18 hour a day addiction over the last few months.  We are launching a new site this week. Probably won’t be perfect but it will look better anyway so STAY TUNED!


Appticity is a self-service smart phone application creation platform that allows small to medium size businesses (SMBs) to create a beautiful, feature-rich mobile application specific to their business or brand. This application helps businesses develop a personal, one-to-one experience with its customers and can be downloaded with all the safety, convenience, and credibility associated with being in the Apple, Android, and Blackberry app stores.

Key features and functionality of an Appticity-based application include:

  • One-touch access to virtually all business information, including products, services, menu items, specials, locations, directions, maps, comments, contact information, one touch dialing, social media, and more.
  • Push notifications and badge alerts that allow customers to receive real time notifications of specials, promotions and coupons.
  • Fully integrated with social media channels so all aspects of their business can easily be shared with friends.

Similar to using WordPress to design a great blog or Squarespace to build a fantastic web site, the Appticity Framework allows anyone to create their own customized smart phone application using a variety of templates and drag and drop personalization tools.

Appticity’s Framework was developed from the ground up as a cross platform, self-service solution and no design or development experience is required. However, for businesses that want to hand over the entire process, Appticity is training a network of certified design professionals who can launch a business application in record time.

Appticity is currently being sold directly to businesses and brands and we will be launching an affiliate program in Q4-2010.

If you’re an iYP or Yellow Page Publisher, we have a White Label solution that will set you apart from your competition.  Our solution is new, exciting, high margin, and highly commissionable for your sales people.  It can be easily integrated into your overall print and iYP offering and drive traffic directly back to your iYP site.

Smart phone solutions open doors.  For more information or to schedule a meeting at the BIA/Kelsey DMS ‘10, call, text, mail, tackle, or trip one of us.

Mark McCormack
tel: (415) 367 5676
Twitter: @appticity