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Who is Appticity?

Appticity is a self service mobile app platform that allows any business to create an iPhone, iPad, or Android app and offer it to their customers through the App Store.

Who can use Appticity?

Appticity is applicable for basically any business that has a strong loyalty, customer base as well as those that want to create one.  So, whether you’re a local or regional business or a national brand, you can use Appticity to create a beautiful smart phone app that allows you to keep in touch with and connect with your customers.

What are the main features of Appticity?

Appticity is a smart phone application that allows your business to have a downloadable app in the app store and your customers to have access to all the aspects of your business information including products, services, locations, social media, discounts, promotions, specials and coupons.

In addition, your application utilizes all of the relevant features available from Apple and Android, including location, push notifications, badge alerts, and more

Why do I need a smart phone application for my business?

If you have a smart phone, you are already know how cool the app store is.  But for your business it’s a way for you to create one to one relationships with your customers.  This channel is where your on the go customers will find information on your business as well as get promotions, receive updates, and be notified of special events.

Why does my business need a mobile application?

The future is mobile, and it is here today.  Take a look at your customers and see what devices they use.  iPhone, Android, Blackberry are all smart phones and these are the devices that are helping your customers make decisions every day.

With Appticity, not only do you have ‘an app in the app store,’ you have a prominent position on your customer’s most important device.  Not only can they see your information, they can receive promotions, get coupons and, most importantly, stay connected to you.

How do I market my smart phone App to my customers?

It’s not that hard and  it’s a lot cooler and more fun than anything else you’ve tried in the past.  First and foremost, tell your customers about it … in person, on your web site, on your Facebook fan page, and best of all, from the application.  Your app has a built in share feature so not only can you share the app, so can your customers.

Do I need to be a programmer to use Appticity?

Not at all. Appticity is super simple to use and anyone who can use a computer to type an email can build their own mobile App.


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